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Our experience in the development, planning and construction of various systems derives from the successful implementation in this field. We have an intimate understanding of both the requirements of a given project and the wishes of our customers, on the basis of which we develop tailored solutions with ground-breaking approaches and the highest degree of technological efficiency.

Our products, processes and services cover the complete life cycle of the treatment systems– from the production of individual components through to entire plant upgrades. Our knowledge of the processes involved is kept frequently up to date, shapes the work of our planning and development teams, and ensures maximum reliability and minimum down-time at your industrial plant.

  • Consulting
  • Concept studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project development
  • Process development
  • Accompanying permit processes
  • Industrialisation

We use world class high efficient technologies. Thanks to our highly equipped research and development center, DAW Corporation is one of the leading technology companies in a number of fields (water treatment, Waste water treatment, Waste to Energy and Waste to Value). Depending on the requirements of each project by the client, we can implement either our own technologies or work in cooperation with technology providers – to ensures that our customers enjoy the benefits of superior, custom-made solutions

  • Power plant technology
  • Value recovery systems
  • Thermal waste treatment
  • Grate incineration systems
  • Biomass power plants
  • Incineration plants using liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Industrial waste heat recovery systems

With the experience in all stages of the treatment process have made us into specialists for complex requirements in industrial sector & engineering requirements. We set ourselves the task of developing systems with high end latest facilities for our customers with the best solutions available on the market as well as innovated by DAW. Our flexibility, passion for innovation, and our team of highly qualified engineers ensure that we reach this goal.

Dealing with latest complete solutions that break new ground requires new approaches. This is why DAW Corporation conducts in-house R & D activities, makes use of its own processes, and cooperates with leading technology providers. By analyzing the latest developments on the market we develop industrial plant concepts that are forward-looking, both in terms of the technology employed, and in terms of their economic & commercial value.

  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Design & development of components
  • Engineering approvals

With our broad range of services gives us the ability to respond in detail to the exact requirements of the exact requirement on project – from design through to start-up. The result: processes that are speedy, practical, and value for money, and which are a perfect fit for the specifications of the project in your questions.

The internationally commended technologies and services provided by us in the fields of assembly, conveyance logistics, spear parts, and special technological instruments, make it possible to reduce the number of breaks in the supply chain. This makes our processes even more efficient and even better value for money. Our team of employees, who are certified in line with leading international standards, ensures both the first-rate quality that our customers expect and the punctual delivery that they require.

  • Mechanical & electrical installation
  • Electrical engineering & automation
  • Logistics systems & material handling
  • Production of components
  • Start-up
  • Pipeline construction
  • Quality & safety management
  • Project & Construction site management
  • Staff training

The forward-looking industrial services that are at the core of our work have one very clear goal: to ensure the productivity and lifetime of systems and to increase how efficiently they run. DAW Corporation’s range of services covers all relevant areas of industrial plant operations. Our employees, who are certified in line with international standards, ensure industrial plants are maintained professionally and reliably, with clear financial benefits for our customers with his goals. We employ forward-looking maintenance and repair strategies in all areas that are level to excessive wear and tear, and make use of cutting-edge digital technology to support these strategies.

  • General plant services
  • Oilfield services
  • Complete plant checks
  • Repairs
  • Monitoring
  • Operation
  • Spare parts management and replacement
  • Material testing

The upgrade, redesign, reconstruction and relocation of treatment plants are great planning, logistic and manpower challenges. DAW Corporation experience, in particular in the same sector, makes it one of the leading specialists in the world in this area. Our expert know-how, rapid decision pathways and experienced team of specialists guarantee greatest reliability and on time delivery. With our experience, we are able to develop models to increase the efficiency and optimize the processes at any industrial treatment system on the basis of a detailed analysis of its current state. Our models make room for cutting-edge technologies and processes as well as forward-thinking economic calculations on the basis of big data analytics. DAW Corporation’s broad portfolio of services allows us to offer the majority of services in-house, which ensures cost transparency and planning inevitability for our customers.

  • Revamping
  • Redesign
  • Renovation
  • Relocation
Energy & Water Saving

The systems are designed to allow the autonomous flushing of the filters, ensuring the maximum efficiency with the minimum volume of water at low flushing pressure. 

Types of Water

Different water qualities of water available; Sea Water (SW), Aggressive Water (AW), Chlorinated Water And Drinking Water (DW)

Wide Filtration Range

Fully Automated filters cover the  full range of suspended particle filteration from 1000 to 5 microns. The membrane systems (UF and RO) Provice Water Free of suspended or desolved solids.

Continuous Filtration

The filtered water supply is not interrupted during the back washing phase of module

Plug and Play installation

Filtration Equipment and water treatment plants are delivered fully assembled and tested, for its Direct installation and commissioning.


Our System provides a wide range of flow rates and configuration with the minimum number of components.

Keep it simple

Easy operation and maintenance, with no need of qualified staff nor special tools. 

Maximum Liability

Our Designs and manufacturing guarantee an extended lifespan, high resistance and optimum filtration quality.