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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Since the earliest days of our company with our expertise, we have refined one quality in particular at our company: the resolve to overcome challenges what we face in past. We are not satisfied with relying upon others technologies and solutions that have worked in the past. We expect of ourselves nothing less than perfectly tailor made solutions for every single customer thanks to new approaches and innovative ideas of our team.

Thinking ahead on principle

Our team are always looking for more efficient processes and products is evidenced not only by our in-house R&D departments, but also by partnerships with universities and other research institutes which is in the same field. We are breaking new ground, in particular in the field of the same industry.

Acting ahead

Not just thinking ahead, but acting ahead as well. DAW Corporation, we are continually developing our expertise in preventative maintenance. Our goal is to reduce overall plant life cycle costs for our customers by analyzing plenty of data and by implementing cutting-edge technology.

Lasting customer relationships

For us as a company, success cannot be measured only in economic categories; we believe that the customer satisfaction is the most important goal of our team. We see the fact that we have been working together with many of our customers as a declaration of our efforts to provide high-quality individual solutions.

Our Value

Our commitment to environmental protection is in no way superficial. It is a value that has developed in our minds over a period of last few years. Our industrial experience has allowed us to develop technologies and generate know-how that is now contributing to energy efficient solutions and solutions for a stable future.

Our commitment to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible informs both our procurement policy and our operations in general. This consistency and this reliability ensure the highest degrees of trust and quality, also in our dealings with our customers, some of which we have accompanied for many years.