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Process Water

Treatment of process water within industry

Water is used for a wide variety of purposes in industrial production. Water has to be treated, so that sufficient amounts are available in the quality required for production. Process water must generally be re-treated after it has been used, so that it can either be discharged according to regulations or returned to the water cycle.

DAW Corporation having facilities to develop, build, and installation of treatment plants for process water, which are tailored to the respective task, economical and environmentally friendly. Typical plant solutions are used for water treatment, wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling, or for resource recycling.

We use state-of-the-art plant technology with physio-chemical, biological, or membrane processes, which we customize exactly to the respective specifications. It is frequently necessary to combine processes to achieve optimum results in process water treatment.

Our product collection for the treatment of process water ranges from standardized small plants up to customized large scale plants.