Disc membrane for WWT

Disc membrane for WWT

The RCDT has been invented as an economic and efficient reverse osmosis technology for the treatment of effluent and wastewater. Reverse Osmosis Technology with spiral wound membrane is repeatedly unsuccessful in effluent and wastewater treatment due to scaling and fouling of membranes. Membranes need vast pre-treatment solutions for the removal of suspended & biological matter, COD, BOD and other colloidal particles. Often spiral wound membranes performances are limited to the removal of dissolved solids, and other contaminants shall be removed in pre-treatment before feeding into membranes.  

Economically, spiral wound membranes are affordable, but considering the complexity of effluent / waste water and cost of pre-treatment, foot print, fouling tendency the treatment may not yield satisfactory results. Furthermore, considering the operational & maintenance cost, a proven and effective alternative in RO Technology is the need of the hour. The Radial Channel Disc Tube (RCDT) is a proven alternative for the treatment of effluent and wastewater treatment applications. This technology is based on the RO principle with plate and frame design suitable for overcoming the problems faced in spiral wound reverse osmosis process. The RCDT is the most successful and cost effective system for treating and recovering the effluent or wastewater which can be re used and recycled or discharged based on pollution control board discharge norms. 

The Radial Channel Disc Tube (RCDT) membrane systems are part of a patented technology in collaboration with ROTREAT Abwasserreinigung GMBH. ROTREAT was founded in 1993 and concentrates on developing and producing patented RCDT (Radial Channel Disc Tube) module systems.

RCDT-module system is the most advanced product in plate module technology. For the past 20 years, over 50 million m3 of wastewater have been treated with RCDT modules with different water qualities.


System uses short feed flow paths and high-packing densities to minimize concentration polarization and physical flow impediments.

  • Due to decrease in fouling and scaling, RCDT membranes have longer life.
  • Are able to cope up with high SDI limit and high BOD/COD content. Can be operated with very minimal pre-treatment.
  • Can be replaced as individual sheets thereby saving replacement cost.
  • Module can be opened and closed easily for inspection, replacement and other activities.
  • Static and no special skills required to operate the system
  • System design enables efficient use of floor space.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Simple cleaning procedure.