Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Water supply, water/waste water treatment, industrial processes and general pumping service. DAW Pumps has an extensive range of products suitable for a variety of applications. From end suction to customer engineered vertical turbine pumps or split case pumps DAW Pumps has reliable and well proven products to offer.

In response to the ever increasing cost of energy, life-cycle cost analysis (LCC) is fast becoming the accepted method of evaluation for both capital projects and replacement plant.  Various LCC models are available to pump users where capital, energy, maintenance and efficiency degradation costs are assessed to determine the pumps life-cycle cost.  These models enable the user to make an informed decision based on the true cost of ownership, not just capital cost.

Reducing energy consumption through the selection of the most efficient pump has the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions. Not only does this have environmental benefits, but can assist in reducing emission levies imposed on some high energy users.

Collectively we have produced pumps for some of the world's most challenging and prestigious projects. We have a group legacy in material technology which is unrivalled, historically developing alloys for some of the most corrosive and arduous pumping applications. Our installed base of high integrity pumps has successfully handled seawaters and brines on some of the world's most critical installations both offshore and within tough process plant environments.

Our comprehensive product offering ensures we can offer efficiency, totally reliable pumping solutions for your total water handling need.