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Renewable Energy

Solar Power

We are a provider and marketer of high end cost effective Solar Power Systems. Our teams of experts are very well knowledgeable about all aspects of the Solar Systems and on top of customer care before and after sales. We are the agents in Sri Lanka for supply and installation of solar PV system by introducing world leading brands in solar energy harvesting systems.

We are happy now the government policy today is geared towards natural source of energy such as Solar rather than conventional source of energy as “environmentally friendly energy” has become the Global Trend today. More impotently, Solar Energy Systems pay for themselves, in the long run and can become independence of one’s energy needs.

DAW Solar warrants and guarantees that all the goods supplied under the order shall be free from any defects, patent or latent, in material and workmanship, will conform to any applicable specifications and drawings and will be free from design defects.  Solar PV panels are covered under separate manufactures warranty. Please see separate limited warranty statement and exclusions. Solar DC to AC inverter is covered under separate manufactures warranty.  Buyer shall contact direct the original equipment manufacturer or Supplier if there is any clarification to be done.

DAW Solar can provide design and support for the solar module mounting structure.  All the railings and other items used to mount the solar modules will be PV industry standard anodized Aluminum railings and stainless steel brackets and bolts.