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A partner for the most demanding upgrades

The upgrade, redesign, reconstruction and relocation of treatment plants are great planning, logistic and manpower challenges. DAW Corporation experience, in particular in the same sector, makes it one of the leading specialists in the world in this area. Our expert know-how, rapid decision pathways and experienced team of specialists guarantee greatest reliability and on time delivery.

Sustainable upgrades

With our experience, we are able to develop models to increase the efficiency and optimize the processes at any industrial treatment system on the basis of a detailed analysis of its current state. Our models make room for cutting-edge technologies and processes as well as forward-thinking economic calculations on the basis of big data analytics. DAW Corporation’s broad portfolio of services allows us to offer the majority of services in-house, which ensures cost transparency and planning inevitability for our customers.

  • Redesign of treatment plants
  • Renovation of systems
  • Relocation of systems