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Waste Water

Products and plant solutions for industrial wastewater treatment

Wastewater from industrial production is contaminated with various substances and as a result, effective wastewater treatment to the required limit values requires specialist knowledge. At the same time, wastewater treatment plants should be energy-efficient and conserve resources. DAW has experience in the field of industrial wastewater treatment in a wide range of industries. We are the leader in decentralized industrial wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka as well as some other countries.

From the first step we consult customers with how to manage their waste by quantity reduction method, then plan and operate the wastewater treatment plants. According to requirements, we implement our physio-chemical, biological or membrane processes or combinations thereof, to achieve the required cleaning performance.

Depending on the production process and wastewater composition, operating costs can be reduced significantly through the use of various unit operations & latest technological concepts, or through the production of pure water for the production process or human use. In our own research & development department, we develop new plants or further develop existing plants, within the framework of customer orders, research cooperation or the development of our own plants.

Our comprehensive service offering covers the complete operating life of the wastewater treatment plants. We maintain the plants, supply the water treatment chemicals and spare parts, optimize the processes and ensure smooth operation.